What is your church doing this year?

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I really enjoy seeing how churches creatively present the Christmas story on their website. Each year I do a bit of a review of some websites that I can find in the short time I have to blog. Here are eight of my favourite websites:

Oh, please comment below if you have seen something you like. Simply add a link and a brief explanation of why you like it.

Saddleback Church (California, USA)

Christmas at Saddleback

This year Saddleback church seems to have a focus on service. People helping people. There are helpful pointers to the services times and map of each location.

Hillsong (Sydney, Australia)

Christmas at Hillsong 1

Hillsong always put on a brilliant presentation. They usually have a great video promo piece which seems to be missing this year on their Christmas site. They have a one-off special Christmas presentation and the rest of December is themed ‘Born is the King’.

Hillsong’s Christmas services

Christmas at Hillsong 2

Holy Trinity Brompton (London, England)

Christmas at Holy Trinity Brompton

A bit of British is always good to see. The Brit’s have their own under stated style of presenting Christmas.

Church By The Bridge (Sydney, Australia)

Church by the bridge christmas carols

This church probably has one of the most spectacular locations in the world. Situated directly across from the Sydney Opera House there is no wonder they have Carols outside facing the Opera house. They also have a neat trailer to help a visitor get an idea of what to expect.

Crossway (Melbourne, Australia)

Christmas at Crossway Church

Crossway is where I work and I love what my design team has put together for this years Christmas presentation. Our web presence is pretty simple this year. One communications piece I would of loved to have done was a video promo inviting people to come and experience Christmas, which we’ll do next year. We also have spread a virtual postcard invitation on Crossway’s Facebook page which has been shared a lot over the last few weeks.

Church On The Move (Tulsa, USA)

I regular check online to see what Church On The Move are up to.  They are so creative in their presentations and they put a huge amount of effort into their web presence. (BTW We’ve used this video before in our Fathers Day service and it was a complete winner.) They have a Christmas promo trailer that you can watch here. They have also put up a video of their 2010 Christmas presentation on their Christmas splash page too which is a neat idea for visitors which will give them an idea of what to expect if they come along this year.

Willow Creek Christmas (Chicago, USA)

Willow Creek Community Church Christmas

Willow Creek has a designed a micro-site just for Christmas. They have a great promo you can watch here. In recent years Willow has dramatically changed the style of Christmas presentation and this year it looks like they have invested a lot into creating a great video to tell the story of Christmas. They have a neat evite that I tried out, but our firewall ate it. I wonder how many firewalls ate people’s invitations? That might be something they could review.

Granger Community Church (Granger, USA)

Christmas at Granger Community Church

Here is Granger’s Christmas page with a nice video of what is coming up throughout the Christmas period. They have themed the whole of December under the same Christmas theme which simplifies really nicely the whole Christmas period into one strong memorable brand.

Your turn

I’m sure there are many more church websites I could highlight… DONT FORGET to add a comment below if you have seen something you like. Simply add a link and a brief explanation of why you like it.