Imagine a church bulletin that could provide a magazine style layout. For free.

Imagine a church bulletin that could give you audio and video of previous sermons. For free.

Imagine a church bulletin that provide you with your church video news embedded into it. Yes you guessed it. For free.

Imagine if you could publish it. With global reach. For free.Apple recently re-imagined what is possible for your church or your blog e-book. A few weeks ago they launched iBooks. A free authoring program that can do all of that.

If you aren’t sick of me saying it already – Yes. Its free.

The beautiful part is that they will even publish your book for you. We live in an age where many people have iPhones and iPads are the new desktop. Apple vertical integration of software IS the retail space where most people look to download from.

Of course, I’m dreaming, imagining, what is possible. It may be that some smart App developer like my friends at Subsplash will figure out how to integrate it into their App product. Who knows.

What do you dream about? What ideas do you have for the context you work in. It doesn’t have to be in the church communications area. What ideas would you like to see come to life?

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