57 Signals To Personalisation

Read customer signals to develop and adapt customer strategies that generate conversion and build loyalty.

  • The people on the other side of the browser are changing.
  • Very low barriers to entry online to set up a business.
  • The internet is all grown up – older with different expectations
    • The internet has reached the Luddite. 84% of people use the internet. 96% 18-24, 73% of 55-64 years old.
    • 68% have purchased online. They trust online purchases. 15-17 far less likely to use email than anyone else.
  • Barriers to online business growth demo, barriers to entry, switching cost
    • The median age of internet user is getting older and the expectations are changing. How are you changing what you do?
    • Low barriers to entry/Hyper competition. You have to provide remarkable service.
  • Personalisation is the next beachhead in commerce, persistence is king.
    • Personalised advertising is simply the power of the personal referral
    • Cookies, Credentials (login) 3rd party credentials (Facebook).
    • Segmenting your audience will help you drive a consumer to purchase. Knowledge + personalisation = increased ROI
  • The power of failure – test and learn, segment, test again.
    • Cudo is an email business. 60% of business is via email.
    • Open rates increased by 55% when emailed from an individual. Click rates went up 172% because of personalisation. Higher trust.

The death of privacy and increase in personalised results on the web no longer creeps people out.

The internet is no longer about B2B or B2C. It’s B2people.