Session 1 notes: Marketing and change

  •  Admits to being one of the 10 people from South Datoka 😉 and being on celebrity apprentice.
  • Lesson from Kodak’s demise: They discovered the digital camera, but rejected the idea. Don’t be afraid to change.
  • To the naysayers, opportunities and obstructionists who stand in the way of driving change and process.
  • Somewhere in the west or in a company near you change is coming.
  • It is uncomfortable to drive change in any organisation – you have to run the gauntlet
  • Adapt, change or die
  • Change for change sake is bad “There is nothing wroing with change if it is in the right direction” Winston Churchill
  • We are all agents of Change
  • Two types of leaders
    • Clock changers – We need people who take initiative and don’t wait to be told what to do.
    • Lions – They wait for everything to come to them.
    • Be the clock changer, not a lion
    • Your boss is looking for someone to problem solve not problem seek.
  • Why companies and organisations fail:
    1. Fear – Don’t be afraid to try someone new. DOn’t be afriad to be a beginner.
    2. Tension – Healthy debate is good. Our job is to cause healthy tension.
    3. Radical transparency – we need to be able to talk about the elephants in the room. Elephants are fun to kill and taste good 😉 An elephant will gain weight if you don’t deal with it.
    4. Take a risk. No one is going to die. If you are going to make a mistake make it big!
    5. Promises. Keep and make your promises. Ensure mutual conditions of satisfaction. Ensure that give people what they need when you’ve promised it.
  • The action cycle – offer >  Agreement > performance > delivery & acceptance
  • Why are you doing what you are doing? Who are you. What is your pitch?
    • What makes you unique? what is your 118?  8 seconds if the average attention span of an adult. 110 average elevator ride in NYC
  • A passion for Pheasants. What is your passion?
  • What shall you look like?
  • Kodak weren’t in the film business they were in the emotional technology business.
  • What is your brand? Horses… cows. Or a promise delivered
  • Do it Right
    • What do you stand for? online and offline.
    • Be the brand guardian.
  • Cause tension
    • Don’t settle for second best with your brand. Be original, creative, authentic & true to your own brand voice.
    • Change the mood. What is the mood of your organisation? Grumpy? Optimistic?
    • Change the questions. Ask the right questions. Make it better in the new place.
  •  Successful organisations believe their best days are yet to come.
  • Everyone organisation needs an enemy. A cause to rally around. Find the enemy, fight it and defeat it, together.
  • Battle brings out their best
  • Educate and lead.
  • Obnoxious twitters are twankers.
  • Who is your Chief Listening Officer? Listen and participate.
  • The mobile phone is the biggest marketing opportunity there is. Don’t blow it.