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  • Fear of missing out underpins much of social media. People don’t want to miss out.
  • Word of mouth in the time of media is the most powerful medium
  • If word of mouth is the most powerful form of communication and social media is the new word of mouth
  • We talk about great ideas. Great ideas spread.
  • Ingredients to make your ideas spread:  Fantastic idea + an insight that is resonates and is relevant to your target audience. (example: BigPond)
  • Great ideas socialise themselves.
  • People hate inauthenticity
  • If you seed a great idea into an audience. They will become your idea advocates.
  • Be relevant. Be authentic.
  • The insight and the idea drive the way we drive brands.
  • A great idea will work in any medium.
  • Great ideas has the ability to spread around the world on a low budget (Social explosion is an idea that gone global).
  • Don’t talk about ‘getting social’ the medium is unimportant, the idea is the key.
  • Apply creativity to the way you communicate.
  • Insurance is the world’s biggest grudge purchase.
  • Great insights can take months to find. Be patient.
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