Here is another great example of bad marketing and advertising. Offend the two major global faiths to sell more of your stuff.Red Bull and the advertising agency involved certainly succeeded. Why don’t companies get that someone doesn’t have to lose for you to win? Did they think it was a good idea to be disrespectful and ridicule Jesus, who a good proportion of their target audience worships?

Besides the offensive nature of this advert, this is a sad example of a self-indulgent art director creating for themselves. They clearly didn’t think about what would happen and that they would offend many in their own target audience. If I was Red Bull I’d be really annoyed.

This is such bad PR fail. An ad for the South African market that gets global headlines. Good for those that think all PR is good PR. Bad if you think negative PR can hurt your brand. Which I think it does.

Are you a Christian and a Red Bull drinker? What do you think? Comment below.