I’m an ideas guy. I loving seeing ideas executed well, no matter where they come from. However, I also see so many good ideas not hit the bullseye for a variety of reasons. I came across a brilliant video of Issac’s marriage proposal today and it made me think about what it takes to turn that good idea into reality. Here are some thoughts about that.

Begin with the end in mind

Issac’s goal was simple, he wanted to marry his woman Amy. He needed to propose in a way that would knock the socks of her, so she couldn’t possibly say no. That is where he started.

Choose your angle

It is obvious that Issac wanted to be original and creative in how he proposed. Hence the ‘angle’ or the idea. He made it interactive, personal and relational. I’m assuming most of the people in the video are people who know the happy couple.

Aim for effectiveness not perfection

Issac could have chosen a better camera, used professional dancers, but it didn’t matter. The idea worked and I think the home-made feel of the camera and ordinary people actually added to the execution of the idea.

Use every available creative resource and medium

Issac used a soundtrack to drive the idea forward. He used the streets around Amy’s home. He used people he knew to play their part in the proposal. He used multimedia, dance, props such as a car. He leveraged every creative medium to good effect.

Real artists ship

In the words of Steve Jobs, real artists hit their deadlines and ship, they get it done. Issac probably could have spent another few weeks getting those moves and lip synch’s a bit sharper, but he shipped. The idea was executed effectively and more importantly Amy said yes!

Here’s a link to ‘Issac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal‘ if it didn’t play 😉 And congratulations to Issac and Amy!