Is your creative communications headed in the right direction? Photo Credit: Andy D’Agorne

You can have the best vocals; music; videographers; designers; art direction; set design; web designers; tech production; programmers; or social media. You name it. But this common mistake will make all these executions, no matter how good, null and void. It’s such a common mistake, but it can be easily avoided. 

Want to know what it is?


If I had a dollar for every time I saw a creative communications piece with no obvious strategy I’d be a millionaire. Here’s the weird thing, while it’s not ideal, your creative communications can deliver if you have a strategy, even if there is a lower level of talent.

Strategy can compensate for lack of talent, but talent never compensates for lack of strategy. (HT: Matt Preston)

There can be a gravitational pull that is stronger than the death star tractor beam to dive into tactics and creative execution, rather than stepping back and starting with the fundamentals. Strategy. Why? What? How?

Agree or disagree? Have you seen beautifully executed creative communications with a little or no strategy that delivered? Comment below.