One of the questions I recently received was “Where do we start with social media for our church?” People think that social media is so complicated. Yes you do need a social media strategy, yet in reality you can get started so quickly and simply.

My answer was simple. If social media is primarily about engagement, then start with scripture. Post once or twice a day when you think your audience is on the most. Take it from me, your congregation or denomination will love sharing scripture. It really is a statement of who they are and a simple way to start your social media presence (You can find eleven more advanced and imaginative ideas here)

It’s so easy all you really need is a smart phone with a decent camera then off you go! Here are five examples of how we do it.

1. Text only scripture


2. Take a picture of your bible (yes this is mine)


3. Take a photo of your mobile bible or favourite bible App (Mine is YouVersion)


4. Use existing artwork (Get permission)


5. Create your own artwork


This last example is slightly more advanced. You will need a graphic designer to do this well. But as you can see, the rest can be done just with a phone or with your browser open. We use the same images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are on Pinterest then you could probably use it there too.

Got any comments or questions? Drop a comment below.