I’ve been blogging about communications, marketing and social media for churches since 2009. I remember starting on TypePad with no code experience and very little web design chops. I remember being so excited at finally investing my own money in this domain name and swapping over to WordPress.

Believe it or not, I hardly ever wrote up until I started blogging. I’m not a natural writer unlike some of my peers who I really respect and who really know how to write [Read Lori Bailey’s brilliant insights here]. I find the nuance of grammar particularly challenging, along with my short attention span.

Blogging was a new adventure for me. A new challenge to myself as an introvert, to get myself out there and help others. My number one goal was simply this: To help others do their job better. You may be a church Communications Director, a Pastor, Marketing Director or a non-profit leader. But the common thread of feedback that I have found out is that we all need help, work is tough enough doing it mostly on our own. work would be just that little bit easier if we knew what worked or what didn’t work in a particular field. The feeling that I get is that most of you love what you do, work isn’t work for you. But life would be better if you could get some help every now and again.

I’ve intentionally set out not to be a slick know it all expert, but just write about what I’ve tried that has worked and sometimes failed in the different areas of my work life.

But, to be honest. I’m tired. I’m more time poor than I have ever been to write at length on this blog. This year has been a real struggle to keep going on this blog (Yet, more of you have visited than ever before). Sometimes I’m not sure what you need to know and what you want to know. It feels like sometimes I’m writing and no one is reading (But then I suppose that is the challenge for every blogger isn’t it?).

Doubts about the quality of what I write and it’s usefulness creeps into my mind. Sometimes I honestly feel like chucking it in. Life would feel a whole lot simpler and easier if I could just focus on my work.

But then something remarkable happens.

I get feedback.

Someone, somewhere on this remarkable planet, who I’ve never met actually benefits from what I’ve written. And tells me.

This really lifts my spirit and spurs me on to write for just one more week.

That’s why I blog. You are the reason why I blog.

This is why I need your feedback. I know that there are literally hundred’s of you have signed up to receive my blog posts. But I never hear from you. You probably read this blog and disappear without ever commenting. You are a lurker.

If that’s you, I need your feedback. Tell me how I can help you. Don’t lurk in the background anymore. Drop a comment below please. What is it that you are burning to know? You never know, your comment may be what I write about next week.

(You really don’t know what an amazing difference you make when you connect with me on this blog or on Twitter or Facebook.)

Or you may just want to say G’day. Comment below.