What I’m about to share with you are two of the most common mistakes I see in church communications. It is like we can be locked in via the Death Star’s tractor beam on this course towards this mistake and nothing in the rebel force’s communications star fleet can help us (Yes I’ve done it).

So what are the most common communications mistakes I see? Firstly, we marry the tactics and date the strategy. We get so welded onto how we are doing it, even when it loses it effectiveness we still insist on doing it the same way.

I was reminded of this in my own work recently. I’ve had to learn to say goodbye to a tactic and adopt another tactic to achieve the strategy.

Second variation on the theme is that we rush into a tactic without being clear on what the strategy is. What the win looks like.

So when you are working on your next communications project remember. Marry the strategy, date the tactics. Get the goal clear. Ask yourself what does a win look like? Once you’ve answered that, only then should you ask yourself how are you going to do it. How you achieve your strategy is guaranteed to change. Accept it. Hold it loosely. And be open to others speaking into your current tactics.

I’ve created a free desktop wallpaper to remind you if you would like it. It’s 1920 x 1200 pixels in size as a reminder. Just click on it and ‘save as’ and add it to your background on your operating system.

Free wallpaper strategy vs tactics

Have you ever seen any examples of ignoring strategy or people holding onto tactics too tightly? Comment below.