Finding a great video for your church Christmas service is rare. Finding a video for your church Christmas service that has an original angle/idea on it is even rarer.  This was created as a promo video, but it could be used as a pre-service video in a church. Is it the best? This video clip is definitely up there for me. 

To know that it comes from my home town of Melbourne here in Australia from guys I know just makes me all just that little bit prouder. Great job Greg, Rohan and all the team at Discovery Church.

They even turned it into an Instagram video. Kudos. (Check out 8 creative examples of how to use Instagram videos for your church)


Here are more great examples of Christmas videos that could be used in your church service. We’ve used some of the Christmas videos from St Paul’s in our pre-service bumper and people have loved them.

What videos have you seen that you would use? Drop a link or a comment below and share the love around this Christmas season.

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