One of the most common questions for those starting out on social media is how can they build an audience. It is very easy on a new Facebook page. For anyone that is on a shoestring budget, up to a point, it is even free.

I recently had to set up another Facebook page for a non-profit and here are some of the steps I took to grow the reach of the page in no time flat.

Firstly, dive into your admin panel on your Facebook page and look for the tab Build Audience:

1. Invite personal friends

Facebook allows you to invite your personal friends. The more admins you have in your page, the more friends you can invite. The more you reach. So make a few influential people in your network admins and show them how to invite their networks.


2. Use your database

Do you have an email database? If you have less than 5,000 likes that most pages have, you can export up to 7,000 contact emails directly into Facebook. 7,000!!!!  You can grow from woe to woahhhh in no time flat. It’s brilliant and it works.

Import contacts into Facebook

There are a few more advanced ways to advertise on Facebook with email addresses. That make it incredibly effective for the budget conscious. I’ve used it and it works. That secret sauce will have to wait until another post.

3. Email your database

Email your database and give them an excuse to visit your Facebook page. Pick a topic or a question and ask them to answer it on the page. It is a simple and free way to leverage your existing audience.

Your turn

How have you built an audience on Facebook page? Do you have any questions or comments about how to build your audience. Comment below.