I know I’m probably late to the party but I’ve been testing out a new way to increase our reach on Facebook over the last two weeks. What do I mean by that?

Basically Facebook now throttles down the natural reach of your photos or comments (How many see your posts) on your Facebook page to the point now where you really need to pay to get decent reach to your audience. There has been a seismic shift in the way the social media game is played. (I wrote more about that here)

I’ve written countless times about how to increase your reach on Facebook, all have worked for me. (This one still does) But here is the concept I want you to grab today. This tactic will only work for a short period of time. Once we are all addicted to it Facebook will yet again decrease the throttle on it and make you pay to play.

In the meantime, go for it and exploit this tactic while you can.

What is the social media marketing tactic I’m talking about?


I’m not talking embedded clips from Vimeo or YouTube. But upload your video directly into Facebook and hook a call to action onto it.

How I Have Been Using Video

Primarily as a church our main goal is to drive more people watch our sermons by giving a short sticky sound bite that can work as a stand-alone. Below is an example:



Here’s the deal. Our video posts are reaching four times as many people as nearly every average post on our Facebook feed. Four times! Now the engagement isn’t as high because not everyone sticks around for the whole video, but they watch most of it.

Who wouldn’t want a 400% increase in their reach? To make this repeatable sustainable process I have done the following:
1. Taken notes of possible video quotes in the Sunday sermon.
2. Sat down with our video editor on a Monday and uploaded the posts.
3. Scheduled them throughout the week where applicable at our peak times.
4. All posts have had a call to action to watch the full sermon on our website.
As a result the referral traffic to these video sermon pages are up as a result and Facebook has become the number one referrer to our church website.

Your Turn

Got any questions about video and social media? Or broader questions comment below.