Google has implemented huge changes for all websites (including church websites). As you read this Google’s mobilegeddon is now active.

What is mobilegeddon?

Google is now ranking websites according to their mobile friendliness. You will see a tag next to the search result saying ‘mobile friendly’

Why does this matter?

This has huge implications for the potential of your church website to be found at the top of Google’s search rankings.

Think about that for a second. If you were once easy to find and were at the top of particular search rankings. You may lose that opportunity.

Take our site for example. 50% of visits are 1st time visitors. How do they find it. A good percentage find it through organic search results.

What can you do about it?

As soon as possible talk to a developer about creating a responsively designed church website.

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Your turn

Is your church website mobile friendly? Drop me a link below. Got questions about what a mobile friendly church website is? Leave a comment below.