There has been a strong push in church communications for the use graphic designers, branding consultants, web guru’s and so called ‘social media experts’. But even many of us ‘professionals’ can fail this important test.

What is the test? It is called the ‘Just Noticeable Difference’.

There is a strong culture pull in western culture for all marketing and communications to be ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’.  What marketeers and advertisers have caught onto is the fact that consumers are very educated and know when they are being pushed or manipulated.  When a message passes the ‘Just Noticeable Difference’ test consumers defences are lowered and more open to the message.

It is common when the consumer doesn’t notice the difference that is when the opportunity for a message to go viral and get huge exposure.

When a brand tries too hard and the marketing message feels manufactured it becomes ‘noticeable’ and the defences are raised and closed to the message.

For example you may have seen in a movie an actor drinking, driving, wearing, smoking or eating a well-known brand. It’s when you scream ‘product placement!!!!’ that the ‘Just Noticeable Difference’ test is failed. Here is one recent example including a shark attack and a well known surfer.

How noticeable is your church in:

  • Messaging
  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Video

Your Turn

Are there any examples you have seen of any brands or churches succeeding or failing the ‘Just Noticeable Difference’ test? Got any questions or queries? Drop a comment below.