So much content gets posted to the various social media platforms every single day. I’m sure like I feel sometimes, you may feel the pressure of creating content for your social media channels. It can feel like a never-ending treadmill.

In my years working on our social media, the toughest part hasn’t been creating a strategy that works. My focus is sharp and clear. You can read more about the heart of my strategy here.

The toughest part hasn’t been being creative on the types of posts we put out on our channels. If you want some ideas you can find some here:

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The toughest part for me has been developing a content creation team for social media that keeps delivering great quality content. All. The. Time.

It’s also the problem I see in most churches. There is so much focus on making Sunday work well that no or little effort is put into consistently spreading the message online. 

Or there is another typical scenario. Everyone gets excited about social media, for about a month. They Post lots of content, then slowly but surely the pace slows to a standstill. Because the treadmill is just too difficult to maintain.

Sound familiar? 

Why you need a content creation team

Like I said, social media is very demanding content wise. It is a daily routine. Not a weekly or monthly routine. Daily! It takes a team to be consistent. 

What is a content creation team? 

A content creation team is the team of people that, on an ongoing basis create the content you see and hear on social media. The team can be made up of the following people:

1. Graphic designer – create graphics of various kinds at the right size for each channel

2. Videographer – creates video content either from the service or specific content for social

3. Content strategist – Decides on the overall strategy and what posts should be posted and when for maximum effect. A large part of their role will be developing the post and then giving it to the videographer or designer to create.

4. Writer – they will write scripts for the content strategist or post headlines that engage the audience and moves them towards action.

5. Community manager – strictly speaking they aren’t actively creating content, but they interact with the community and will also have ideas about what kinds of content can be posted.

6. Photographer – A photographer can capture more in a moment and create some stunning visuals for your social media platforms. Most churches will have someone who does it for a hobby or maybe even professionally. 

Most of you who work for churches may do some of those roles folded into one, or all of those roles. 

How to create a content creation team

It takes time 

It also takes initiative on your part. You have to be on the front foot. Seek out the right people who can fulfil those roles. As you build your team you will be able to create more content in a sustainable way.

Create a list of different sample posts 

You do the so that they can take the initiative and when they see a potential post they can have the freedom to go and create their own. They can then run the final post by you so that you can post it.

Create a system and calendar

Every good team will have a production system everyone else is aware of. You should also create a content calendar so that people can also see what posts are possible when and it can also create ideas around any future events you have on the calendar. Here is a free template calendar you can modify.

Live with the ups and downs

Being in church world means that people are volunteering. It also means volunteers stop volunteering or go on holiday. Learn to live that and be flexible. If you plan ahead and have clear expectations it will be much easier for you to live with the ups and downs.

Your turn

Have you any tips to share about creating content for social media? Got any questions? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below