I’ve been talking a lot recently how Facebook Live can really help your church get noticed. I’ve finally found enough examples of Facebook Live that you can see for yourself.

The reason why Facebook Live is so powerful currently is that Facebook hasn’t throttled back the reach of these posts. That means you will reach many more people than any of the other kinds of posts that you create.

Here are the different Facebook Live posts:


The Heights Baptist Church

Midway Church

Brentwood Baptist Church – service preview (Love this!)

Brentwood Baptist Christmas Service

Grace Harvest Church

Turning Point Church

Gateway Church


Westside Family Church

The Chapel

The chapel

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Creating a Facebook Live video is a brilliant outreach tactic and I highly recommend you explore using it. If you have never done a Facebook Live video check out these free videos that will give you an overview of what is needed to get started. There are some excellent pro-tips in here. It’s an introduction to a paid course, but you will get heaps of training value just by watching the free videos.

Watch the free training videos here.

Your turn

Have you created any Facebook Live videos for your church? Or do you have questions? Leave a comment below!