Whether you are a communications leader or a church leader, you need to be asking this question over the coming weeks in the lead up to Easter.

  1. Are we highlighting and programmatically supporting our congregations so that they can invite their friends to our Easter services?
  2. Are we providing them with invite tools like invite cards for passing onto their friends?
  3. Are we creating spaces in our services to pray into who people can invite?
  4. Are we sharing life transformation stories from people who attended previous Easter services via email and in our Sunday services?
  5. Are we emailing our congregations links to invite videos on Facebook or on any other social media?

Here is a bonus question.

6. In our Easter services are we creating space to invite people back to church or get connected into our church community?

Start asking and answering those questions with a ‘yes… here’s how…’ and your church will grow.

Oh I also forgot to mention your website. Here are 11 great ideas of what churches can be doing at Easter.

Your turn

How do you create an invitational culture at your church? Comment below.