It’s been a privilege to see so many talented church communications staff create some of the best Easter websites again this year.

Here are eight of the best websites I’ve found. If you know of a website that is good, leave a comment below.

First Euless


Church On The Move


Sandals Church


Saddleback Church


Two Rivers Church


Willow Creek Church

Woodlands Church


Hillsong Church

Want more? Check out previous years below. You never know you may find an idea to inspire you for next year. There are forty-four beautiful sites in total.

• 2012: Six of the best.

• 2013: Twelve great examples.

2014: Eight of the best.

• 2015: Seven of the best.

• 2016: Eleven of the best

Your Turn

Seen any websites you like? I look around but can never find all the gems that are created. Leave a comment and link below.