You haven’t heard much from me about using Facebook adverts for churches (I’ve used them every week for the last 3 years). It was only last week when I realised that I’d never written about them.

Recently I’ve been a part of a few conversations on Facebook and it appears that more church communications people starting to use Facebook Ads. Much of the conversation has gone along the lines of “I’ve spent $X much and I’m not sure if it’s been a success.” or “No one has engaged with my ad”.

Those kinds of comments aren’t surprising to me. Facebook Adverts Manager is a very sophisticated advertising placement system. It is extraordinarily powerful. For both of those reasons, you can succeed or fail very quickly. Spending lots of precious dollars along the way. 

Essentially you need to understand you are, or will be using the most powerful advertising and messaging platform in the world right now. But it doesn’t mean that you will succeed.

If you are going to use it you need to work through some advertising 101 basics. 

1. What is your message? What do you want to say? What problem are you solving? What tone of voice do you want to use?

2. Who is the right audience for this message? 

3. How do you want them to respond to your message?

Once you can answer those questions you ready to start using Facebook Ads. 

In mainstream advertising (I used to work in the industry) every good brief starts with answering these questions (or more depending on the level of sophistication). Then the creative development is done. During that process, the agency would contact someone called a ‘media buyer’. Their job is to put your ad in the right channels for the budget that you have. They would create a plan and your ad would be placed in those channels. 

Facebook Adverts Manager is essentially an online version of this. It is buying different kinds of ads and placing it front of people on Facebook (& Instagram). It can be fun using a powerful tool, but do your homework up-front before you pull the trigger and book a Facebook advert. 

You can put the:

  • best ad in front of the right audience and get great results.
  • best ad in front of the wrong audience and get bad results.
  • worst ad in front of the right audience and get bad results.
  • worst ad in front of the wrong audience and get bad results.

There are just so many more ways to fail than to succeed.

Can’t afford Facebook Adverts?

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Your Turn

Have you ever used Facebook Ads for churches? Got questions about Facebook Ads? Over the next month or so I will do my best to answer any questions you many have. Comment below.