As I reported last week Facebook is changing the algorithm game yet again for pages to be seen in the Facebook newsfeed.

If you missed the news you can catch up on it here. Read The Biggest Ever Facebook Newsfeed Update (And What It Means For Your Facebook Page).

While some may hit the gloom and doom button, all isn’t lost. Yes there will be profound changes, but you can still get your Facebook Page noticed if you are smart.

I’ve created this quick step-by-step two minute ‘how to’ video so that you can get your Facebook page followers to see your content first all the time. It’s so simple.

An alternative way to do it via screen shots. Here is a step by step screen approach.

See first facebook page

This isn’t a silver bullet approach and only a percentage of your followers will take you up on it, but you will get some who don’t want to miss the content you are sharing on your Facebook page.

Four simple steps to take are:

  1. Create the short video or screen shots
  2. Upload to your Facebook page.
  3. Sponsor for a small amount to your existing Facebook page followers.
  4. Rinse and repeat on and off again for a few months.

If you do this you will see your Facebook engagement rise as your more of your followers are seeing your Facebook posts in their feed all the time.

Over the next month or so I’ll be posting more about how your Facebook page can still get seen in the Facebook feed as we learn how to hack our way around this new algorithm.

If you are looking for some ideas to create engaging content that will help you read here. Tip #4 and #6 is applicable for everyone, no matter who your target audience is.

Your Turn

Got questions about what I’ve written? Do you have strategies you want to share that will help Facebook pages get noticed? Comment below!