Instagram is increasing IGTV support to make it easier for content creators to adopt it by launching an ebook guide to IGTV with some great tips inside.

Why have they done that? It’s clear they understand content creators need support to help transition from horizontal video thinking to a vertical mobile video standard.

It gives some great production guidelines and app recommendations to help you create better videos. The 50-page guide also gives ‘pro tips’ for users. One tip shows users how to enable their camera grids to create better frame subjects.

It even highlights a new feature I hadn’t seen which is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting to ensure your filming isn’t interrupted by incoming calls or texts. That’s cool.

What I love about this guide is that it’s mobile first. Meaning they are assuming that you are going to create, edit and upload your videos all on your phone (It also has some great info in it if you are using a professional editing package).

This means that anyone with the right tools (and talent) can become a content creator. Which I think in the world of low budgets and volunteer teams for churches, non profits, or small businesses is very relevant and increases the likelihood of more people creating content.

Download the 50-page guide on Dropbox here.

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