Late last year my world as changed.

I concluded my season serving at my church. I’m now lead a team in marketing and communications back in the marketplace. And I’m loving it. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

But after ten years of service inside the church, my new life stage outside the church has given me fresh insight into the greatest challenge for those in church communications.

The greatest challenge I see right now is competition for attention. 

Here’s the deal.

When I was on the inside I couldn’t ever appreciate a person’s world who attended on a Sunday. I wasn’t in their shoes. I assumed they absorbed the different messages we would bombard them with on any given Sunday. I tried as best as I could to reduce the number of messages where possible. But on the inside the competition for getting a ministry message out was unrelenting.

Now outside looking in, I see that I have massive competition for my attention. I still love my church, serve in it as a volunteer and attend. It’s just not the centre of my whole universe. It’s just not possible.

Which means the competition for my attention just increased nearly 100%. I’m now bombarded by many more messages outside of the church, than inside.

Here’s the challenge for church’s everywhere. And more specifically church communicators.

You need to simplify your messaging for your congregation on a Sunday. Reduce the noise. Cut the clutter. Focus on what is REALLY important. Then ask yourself – what’s the one big thing I want to communicate this Sunday?

And go for it!