I love seeing churches get creative on social media with video at Christmas. When your church posts those videos you have a chance for your video to go viral.

Most don’t go viral of course. But a few of these videos below did. The first one at the time of writing it had been views 14 million times on Facebook alone.

You know by now that I’m an advocate of using social media to get your message out beyond your existing audience.

What I love about this first video is that it’s so relatable, down to earth and yet it calls the viewer to action to check out more of a sermon series.

But most of all. It’s fun. 

Churches aren’t known for having fun or being fun places to be, for an average person who doesn’t attend a church.

The Other Story

The Other Story is an initiative of Crossover Australia. I love the sincere, poetic, spoken-word prose of the artist in this video. Coupled with superb videography and music it really evokes a sense of the mystery of the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas According To Kids

I love how this video uses the voice-over of the kids as the narrative of the video with even signs using the way the kids said the names of the towns. So cute and innocent.

Oh and it’s gone bonkers viral of course.

What Do We Learn From These Videos?

Most churches, if they have the video capacity only play series trailers in a Sunday service. There is a finite audience. Imagine the possibilities next time how far your Christmas video could spread.

Don’t limit your creative videos to Sunday’s. Make them into a Social video.

Want More Inspiration? Check out these videos

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Your turn

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