Easter is approaching fast. Most of you are in some serious creative production mode. Did you know that every action you and your communications team takes this Easter to intentionally invite a guest will help a person who wasn’t even considering attending to turn up?

You seriously can make a difference in someone’s life.

1. Design Your Easter branding 

Design a compelling visual brand that sums up your church’s idea on what you will communicate this Easter. 

2. Create a Easter Services landing page

Whether you just have a Good Friday and Easter Sunday service, or have more services throughout the weekend, I’d strongly recommend you create a landing page just for your Easter services. A potential guest needs all of the information in one place. Include:

1. Service times

2. Location(s)

3. Barrier/ lowers (what to wear, style of music, video preview of what to expect. etc) 

4. Ticketing (If you need have it)

If you are looking for some inspiration check out 11 of the Best Easter church websites.

3. Produce invite postcards

Invite postcards are such a great tool to give to your congregation so that they can invite their friends. The power of a personal invite is still one of the most effective ways for potential guests to show up at Easter. I’ve also seen door hanger invites as well, but its not a concept I feel comfortable with as I find it a bit spammy and not relational.

4. Tell your congregation about the invite cards

This is a step many churches miss. I would highly recommend that you set some time aside in your church service to share the ‘why’ of the invite cards. Inspire your congregation to invite friends. I’ve also used an empty chair as a prop to pray over with everyone picturing a friend as they pray who they want to invite in that chair.

5. Easter Facebook invite video

Get your main communicator at Easter to do a piece to camera, an invite video inviting your whole town to your Easter services. Make sure they are warm in their communication style, that the audio is clear and they don’t use churchy language. Just a warm invitation with some details of what they can expect is a great starting point. If you can put some b-roll over the top to give some more look and feel of your church that would be great too. Consider putting some ad budget towards the video and invite your whole town along in the weeks leading up to Easter.

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Your Turn

What Communication tips would you share? Got questions about anything above? Leave a comment below!