If you didn’t know already, Facebook has throttled back your church’s organic reach. Which means you will never reach 100% of your followers organically. So it’s more important than ever to create content that isn’t about announcements, but is all about engagement.

I’ve picked out ten different types of posts that are obviously performing much better than the rest of the posts on various social accounts.

Don’t just skip over these posts. Read them. Watch them. Study them.

  1. Worship Quote Post

I love how this picture has captured a moment in worship.

2. Take Us Behind The Scenes

Both of these posts are taking the Facebook fan with the speaker behind the scenes.

3. Sermon Quote

I love this picture post because any church can do this.

4. Sermon Video Post

While most churches won’t be able to add the after effect graphics on top of the video I just love how the combination of both the vision, message and graphics is so engaging!

5. Scripture Picture Post

What I love about this post is that for the size of the page (3,000 likes) The engagement rate is consistently high on these kinds of posts. Simple to create and schedule.

6. Heart-filled Text Post

These posts remind us that even the most simple of posts can have an incredible impact. This is probably took all of too minutes to create yet the meaning and message is the key to the amplification of the post.

7. Exhortation post

8. Preacher’s Insight Picture Post

So simple. Text in picture plus a extended text caption.

9. Theology Picture Post

I’ve seen Nicky post this on Twitter and it’s a statement of his belief (theology) of what he thinks a church is.

10. Prayer Post

Further reading: I wrote a similar post a few years ago. There are some great and different ideas in it. Read 9 Of The Best Types Of Facebook Posts That Reach More People

Your Turn

Have you seen any posts that have performed well? Or Do you have questions about Facebook? Leave a comment below.