Easter? Tick. Done.

As they say where I’m from in England, like many, you’ve probably ‘put in a big shift’.

Easter is and always will be a huge and heavy season from a ministry point of view. Its a time where you can burn the candles at both ends and get really worn down. Here are 3 vital steps you need to take straight away.

1. Rest

Yes, it seems obvious, but Sundays never stop and we can feel the pressure to keep going. But we all need to sleep more. Rest more. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Spend time with a loved one. If we don’t do these things burnout can be just around the corner.

Someone once said to me that I shouldn’t ‘rest from work, but aim to work from rest.’


Read that line back again. That’s wisdom right there.

2. Review

While Easter is still fresh in your mind. Review what worked. What are the things that you could do better. Ask other team members what they think too.

If you could do it all again, what is the one thing you would do differently?

What is the one big thing you can celebrate?

Write it down. Book a time with your team to discuss (not point fingers or blame).

3. Reconnect

Sometimes we can ‘do Easter’, but we can actually miss the whole point of Easter and not connect with God. We can lose ourselves in the busyness or deadlines and miss the reality of what has actually happened.

Spend some time praying. Reading the Bible. Choose a short devotion if you want to. But most all all. Reconnect with your heavenly Father.

Your turn

What tips do you have for others that you step towards with intentionality to recover from Easter?