Scripture picture graphic posts are a great way to engage with your church on social media at the start of a day.

They are high engagement style posts that will always get strong interaction. And the beauty of it is that any church can use, buy or create them.

I’ve seen a trend since Facebook introduced throttling of it’s content that these types of posts are moving more to Instagram than Facebook.

Here are some of the best scripture social graphics that I’ve found. Interestingly some of the best scripture posts aren’t actually from churches.

1. Elevation Church

2. Willow Creek Church

Love this one below!

3. Crossway Church

I wanted to include this one below because it so simple. And it’s been connected to the life of the church as that is the topic that was preached on that weekend.

You can create one just like it in Canva or an online design app.

4. Citylife Church

5. Scripture Type

This is not a church, but the graphics and typography is off the charts amazing. I dream of a day where artisans in churches do work that is up at this level.

6. Daily Bible

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Happy Mother’s Day! @daily.bible2017

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7. Jerusalem City Church

I included this young adults ministry of this church because they’ve shown a lovely conceptual approach to the scripture graphics.

They’ve shown that you don’t have to be a big church do be good at this.

And the concepts are well executed too!

8. Tim Keller

I love this example because Pastor Tim has simply reposted what someone else has done. You don’t have to do it yourself. You have a community to lean into and see where the creative talent is.

9. Stefan Kunz

How could I do a blog post like this and leave out Stefan!

He is an absolute typographic legend in my opinion.

And he’s just taken it scripture posts to a whole new level by recording his creativity as he creates the graphic.

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Ever had to walk home in the middle of the night and all you had was your phone’s flashlight? I have, on multiple occasions. I could only see where to put my feet next, but that's all I needed, and it got me home. To walk by faith is very similar; it's all about trusting God with the directions as you can only see maybe one step at a time. But combine that with His promise in Psalm 23: He leads me to green pastures and refreshing water (in an analogy of the good shepherd with his sheep) we can be sure that we are in good hands. I still need to be reminded daily of that, because I love knowing where the journey is going and have a hard time just trusting God. But that's probably just me. Day 3/#30daysofbiblelettering PS: My new course is out!! Link in bio. And like&comment below if you would like to win a product of your choice from my shop. Yesterday's winner: @carmenyanlettering

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10. Liss Letters

Liss is a super talented Aussie friend who takes calligraphy to a level I’ve not seen. And she loves Jesus.

Want free social media Scripture graphics?

I’ve create some social media graphics that are FREE for you to use for your church. There are scripture graphics, Fathers day, daylight saving graphics to name a few, and it’s been a joy to see churches use them.

Check them out here. Again free to download with no catch!

Interested to see how this type of post has evolved over the social media years? Check out my first post where I shared examples of scripture posts. My, how times have changed!

Your turn

Have you seen any great examples of scripture posts? Leave a comment and a link below!