If you have no idea what IGTV is, it’s Instagram’s TV channel. I wrote a while back when it was introduced on why it would be so good for churches. Read that post here.

Before I talk about the update, traditionally Instagram’s video intention was to be always been very short-formed video based. IGTV was created because Instagram recognised they had content creators who wanted to put in longer-form content. Why miss on out that piece of pie?

IGTV is effectively their answer to YouTube. They were stepping up the competition for eye-ball time.

So back to the update. I suspect the launch of IGTV hasn’t been a wild success that Instagram was hoping for. So they have relented. Instead of forcing content creators to only upload portrait video they have now enabled content creators the ability to upload landscape video.

Church video peeps, can I get an Amen? No more resizing! Or you can at least now choose.

What that means for churches is that you can now put in a snippet of video in your IG feed linking it to your IGTV channel and now only have to put in the original 16:9 video of your Sermon.

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