Instagram recently announced lots of big updates to their App. There are some that your church should jump on. Some will happen right now. Some are coming down the pipe a bit later one.

Here are the top updates that are relevant:

#1 New Camera

I love using Instagram’s camera right now. But they are taking the camera to a whole new level. They have also introduced the camera for stories so that you can shoot from your stories and create from within that which is very cool.

#2 Donate stickers

This new feature rocks. You can now add a donation sticker to your Instagram stories. Which will allow you to natively donate. And they will give you 100% of the money raised. No rev share. No friction jumping off to your church website. Boom!

#3 Creator profiles

Some churches still use a personal profile for the church. Instagram did release a business account which some churches transitioned to because it offered better analytics with some more features.

Now Instagram has just released another way your church’s account can be positioned. It’s called Creator profile. With this new profile set up you will still be able to access your analytics, but you will have access on the desktop to the new creator studio. Amongst other features you will be able to tell your audience how you prefer to be contacted. Which can be huge for churches with a large following.

It is still to be determined how large your account is to be able to switch.

#4 Updated Stories design

The team at ProChurch Tools covered this one in their podcast last week as well as some of the other updates. Check them out here.

#5 Create Your Own Stories Filter

Woah. Your church will be able to create it’s own story filter. Previously only available to a very limited audience this will enable your church to create some very cool effects. Granted you’ll need to be pretty techie to do this. But imagine the possibilities! 

If you don’t know what they are check out the picture below. Basically its adding a still or animated layer on top of your photo/image.

#6 Purchase

This will be one feature that will only be given out to a few larger accounts to start with, but it makes sense that they will eventually role this out to anyone that has a business account.

If your church has a conference or anything that needs to be paid for as such. This will be a massive feature when it eventually arrives.

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Your turn

I haven’t included all of the updates as I don’t see an immediate benefit for churches. Have you seen one you want to share? Or do you have questions about the above updates? Comment below.