Facebook is notorious for it’s capacity to keep on changing. It’s a platform that is constantly evolving. Unfortunately they are about to make a small, yet significant change that will impact all of us who run Facebook pages.

Usually when Facebook changes or updates things it is to usually add a feature or a new function that will enhance you experience on the platform.

This time they are taking a critical feature away. IMHO.

They are removing the ‘grey tick’

The grey tick is a sign that your Facebook page is the verified page that represents your business (In our cases, church or cause). It means that you are the real deal. You can be trusted.

Blue ticks are staying. Which is a good thing.

Here is what you are likely to see

Why I disagree with Facebook taking the grey tick away

It’s not clear why they are taking it away. Some say that it is too easy to pretend to be the official page and fake the approval. But something is better than nothing.

Imagine how many fake pages will now be set up? Especially in the areas where fundraising is done on Facebook in some way.

The grey tick is a trust symbol that needs to either stay or be replaced with something equivalent.

Your turn

What do you think about the grey tick being removed? Leave a comment below.