I was on a Facebook Live coaching session the other day in a Facebook group with some amazing church leaders. A request came in for me to script up a potential video ad that a church could create to invite their broader community to Christmas services at their church.

I realise every church does something just that little bit unique. I’ve taken just a sample of one church’s Christmas services and run with that outline. You can insert your own ideas. Eg you may have a production/play rather than Carols. Or you may have different activities.

Just remember the tone of voice in the video invite needs to be friendly and you need to look straight at the camera.

Sample Script

[Audio: Christmas jingle style music]

Voice Over: Hey there [waves], my name is Steve and this is my wife Lou. We are pastors from XXXX community church and we’d love to let you know about our upcoming Christmas carols on December 17.

Come and sing along to your favourite carols. We also got some yummy food trucks, family petting zoo and activities for every member of your family.

It’s going to be an amazing way to celebrate Christmas with those you love. 

We hope to see you then! Click on the learn more [points to button] to find out dates and times. 

6 Quick Tips That Will Improve Your Facebook Ad

1. Keep your video under two minutes.

2. Keep it warm and friendly in tone. 

3. Smile! 

4. Be you. The more natural you come across the better.

5. Make sure that your audio is clear and legible.

6. If you have existing B-roll of activities and singing that will help the flow and fun factor feel of the video so that its just not a talking head. 

If you want to know more how to create great Facebook ads read this post here. How To Get More Visitors To Your Church With Facebook Ads.

Your Turn

What are you doing at your church this Christmas regarding advertising externally? Will you use Facebook ads to invite your community to church? Let everyone know and leave a comment below.