Every now and again I’m reminded about the power of what is possible with Facebook advertising.

A client passed a great story onto me this week and it reminded me that ‘every task is connected to a soul’ (Thanks Caroline!).

The story was about how a Facebook Ad that a church had set up got the attention of a pagan fascist.

And the ending is something you have to read, to believe.

Read ‘How Jesus met a pagan fascist through Facebook.’

The moral for me with this story is that everything we do as communicators and marketers evokes a response.

Whether you work for a charity. Your fundraising will make an impact someone’s life. They will be set free from poverty because you helped fundraise for them.

In a church, your Facebook ad could just be the start of someone inquiring about the Christian faith. For the first time. Or any other time!

What you do matters. Really matters.

Yes, you are one link in a very long chain. But the next time you hit ‘publish’ on your Facebook Ads account just be grateful and thankful about the potential good that can come from it.

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