Whoever invented the Facebook pixel was a genius. Little did they know they have probably helped the gospel spread more quickly on a scale like never before.

The Facebook pixel essentially tracks everyone who visits your website, as long as you install it. There are three essential custom audiences you should be creating. And then creating Facebook Ads off the back of them.

Audience No. 1: All Website visitors

This is the basic audience where you track everyone who has ever visited your website. It allows you to retarget Facebook ads to any and all who have connected with your church.

Facebook allows you to track people for up to 180 days.

Audience No. 2: I’m New Page

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen over the years is an inability for welcome ministries to follow up guests for various good reasons. People can be a bit shy about leaving their names. By creating a custom audience for this area of your website you can create a Facebook ad that is specifically targeted towards those who are checking your church out.

Don’t ever miss welcoming a guest again!

Audience No. 3: Church Online

We are living in an unprecedented time. People are checking your church out through your church online platform. Are you inviting them back? Set up a Facebook Custom audience so that you can invite them back!

Your Turn

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