Did you see the ‘He Gets Us’ SuperBowl Advert? I know the ad has divided opinions.

Many have said they are a waste of money. Lets face it, millions of dollars spent on any advert at the SuperBowl, some would argue it could be spent on more ‘worthy’ endeavours. Others would say it takes a massive effort to get into the American public’s consciousness.

The ad itself is emotive, passionate and I would say powerfully speaking into culture. Watch the ad now.

My personal opinion is that the ad creative is very good. I know that Jesus doesn’t need better PR. I know it’s not attempting to address that issue. I do know the ‘capital C’ church needs better PR. But, I don’t think the SuperBowl ad is trying to do that either. It’s starting a conversation. What I do know is that the SuperBowl is just the start. You can either be on the sidelines and just critique the ad from afar or see for yourself, if its effective to start outreach conversations for your church.

The Superbowl ad itself is really only the tip of the publicity spear. The bulk of effort is in advertising terms ‘below the line’ in the follow up in the conversations that will happen as a result. There was a direct call to action for folks to take a step and start a conversation. This is where the local church comes into it. The He Gets Us team is giving your church an opportunity to have a conversation with your community who have spiritual questions about Jesus, and probably a ton of other profound questions.

No matter what your personal opinion is, the proof of the effectiveness of a campaign like this is in the measurement. Conversations, life change, transformation. It’s what I actually love about digital. You can’t fluff around with sentiment. You can measure results.

Check out Gloo here to find out more. You’ll get all kinds of support in igniting conversations even after it’s happened on the big game day.

Your Turn

What do you think of the ad? Or the campaign? Comment below.