Did you know that you can get more subscribers for your Youtube channel – for free? You can! I’m all in on YouTube for now. I’m absolutely loving the outreach opportunity it offers for churches but really anyone can use this if you have a YouTube Channel to increase your organic subscribers who really want to watch your content.

You can also click through to my YouTube Channel here and subscribe. It will also show you what the free subscribe hack looks like before you hit the channel. It’s genius!

I’ve kept the video very short and to the point! Hope it helps you.

It’s a very simple tip which I was given a long time ago and I thought there is no better way to show you than do a walk through on my own new YouTube Channel. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, ‘Steve you are very late to the party’… but it takes a long time to shoot, edit, compile and do all the work! But, from time to time I think it’s easier to show you how to do some things through screen sharing.