Easter Church Social Media Ideas for churches
HT: Katie Allred

Are you looking for some last minute ideas for your church’s social media? Look no further here are some great ideas for content.

Leverage The Season

Easter week or Holy Week means Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and of course, Easter Sunday. There are so many deeply resonating moments this week that will engage with your church community, and beyond! This week should be all about engagement posts, not announcements.

Repurpose The Same Content

For example a simple picture post on Good Friday that says It Is Finished. Or a picture post on Easter Sunday that He is Risen! early in the morning is a great snackable piece of engagement style content. Your community will be scrolling their phones after they wake up on these days. And they love quick and easy to digest content in the morning to like or share.

You can do the exact same post in a story format as well.

Another variation is do the same post in a reels format. Just get different folks to say he is risen! or It is finished and splice them together.

Easter Devotions

Create 20 second devotions for early evening. Why early evening? People are more ready to watch a short video then.

Easter Invites

Create picture post and short video invites from your key Easter communicator inviting your community to your Easter services. Video can be portrait and quite casual. Check out this Easter Invite we did on Facebook and Instagram.

Stream Your Easter Church Services

This is a no brainer for me. As Christmas and Easter are the high points of interest for those who are spiritually seeking why not give them as many opportunities to hear about the meaning of Easter?

Easter Community Recap

Get your camera out and take photos of your community at church this Easter. If you have anything special on be sure to include that. Like Easter egg hunts etc.

Sermon Snackable Recap Posts

Strike while the iron is hot and create short reels/picture posts/stories of memorable moments during the sermon. If you are curious about how to do that, read my previous post about video social media.

Your Turn

Do you have any other ideas that church’s can do for their social media at Easter? Comment below!