Google Ad Grant For Churches

The Complete Guide To
The Google Ad Grant
For Churches

By Steve Fogg

What Is The Google Ad Grant For Churches?

Did you know Google offers eligible churches and every other eligible legal non-profit entity up-to US$10,000 per month in free advertising spend in Google search?

That’s up-to US$120,000 per year in ad credits. Grant money is google credit, they don’t actually give you money, but rather extend credit in a special Google Adwords account. You never need to pay one cent using the Google Ad Grant.

What is the Google Search Engine?

Google search is where a person types in what they are searching for on and it brings up the answers to the question a person puts into google search engine in their google search results. All grant search ads shown on are similar to regular Google ads.

Can Churches Use The Google Grant?

If you church is an eligible legal entity in eligible country then you may be accepted into the Google Ad Grant program. How good is that!

Google Ad Grant Eligibility

The Google Ad Grant Program is only available in certain countries (although the countries list is expanding). The United States Of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are just a few of the eligible countries that qualify for the google ad grant.

Within each of all eligible countries, each country has different legal structures for eligible non-profits which may mean that your church or non-profit is eligible.  There is an application process that everyone has to go through to get the free google ads.

What Are The Benefits Of The Google Grant For Churches & Nonprofits?

Growing churches understand that the Google Ad Grant has many benefits

Increased online visibility

Churches and Nonprofits can reach a wider audience and increase their visibility online through Google Ads. This can result in more website traffic and greater exposure for their mission and projects.

Free advertising budget

Google Ad Grants offer a monthly advertising budget of up-to US$10,000, allowing churches and nonprofits to run google search ads and promote their campaigns without spending their own money. Who doesn’t like a free ad?! This can be especially beneficial and help churches and non-profits with limited resources.

Increased website traffic & donations

By utilizing google ads effectively, you can drive more relevant traffic to your website. This can lead to increased engagement, donations, volunteer sign-ups, and other forms of support.

Targeted advertising

With Google Ads, nonprofits can specify their target audience and display their ads to the most relevant users. This helps to maximize the impact of their campaigns and ensures that their message reaches the right people.

Enhanced online marketing skills

Using Google Ads requires developing and refining online marketing skills. Nonprofit organizations can utilize the grant to learn about online advertising, analytics, and optimization, which can be valuable skills for future marketing efforts.

Access to Google advertising tools and resources

Google provides a range of advertising tools and resources to help nonprofits optimize their Ad Grant campaigns. This includes data analytics, keyword research capabilities, and ad optimization tips, which can help organizations make the most of their advertising budget.

You Get Free Ads.

Overall, the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits offers invaluable support in promoting their cause, increasing online visibility, driving website traffic, and improving their marketing strategies – all without the financial burden of advertising costs.

How To Use Google Ad Grant

The software used to create and maintain ads is very sophisticated and requires extensive training to use it effectively and move up higher in the relevant google search ranking. I am a Google Ads Certified Professional and I am also a Google Partner which means Google signs approves the quality of the accounts that I manage.

In simple terms, I’m in a small group of Google ad experts that can run Google Ad Grants for churches. Which means Google trust me to set up, manage and maintain the Google Ad Grant. Managing your Google Ad Grant and maximising reaching more people.

Using The Google Ad Grant Account 

Once you get the grant for your church, within Google Ad Grant Accounts there are the following steps to take:

Setting up Google ad campaigns which include ad groups (groups of similar keywords). Ensure your ads copy are matching the overall campaign idea. Otherwise your ads will not run that well. Ads appear more often, and people will see your ad the right way. That means they are seeing the ad based on the intent of their search.

Google wants highly relevant ads that match the persons search enquiry. There is no point in wasting your free ads on Google search with irrelevant ads that don’t match the search enquiry. I see many church’s ads set up in the wrong way.

Why We Need Google Ad Grant Management

Every Google Ad Grant account has very technical conditions that need to be meet to keep the account running and not be suspended.

We have extensive experience in Google grant management, running ads and ensuring maximize the grant ad spend and keeping your Google grant ads within the compliance conditions. Running your ads to the best they can perform is our top priority. We ensure that your ad dollars are spent aligned with your mission.