Being organised in your communications is essential. Having a streamlined system to manage requests is also vital. Gone are the days where you could just have a conversation in a meeting. We get bombarded with more information than we can cope with in a day. How do we make sure nothing is missed?

One area which I need to improve in is to create simple repeatable systems and processes that help others get what they need to communicate out efficiently. We receive many communication requests each week which are processed through editable Microsoft word documents. Works well for us, but it isn’t perfect and is decentralised. I love the idea of having one central place where our ministry partners can go to for everything and a central place where we can also manage our projects.

In our last #cmschat a few people shared some great examples of what communication request systems and processes they have implemented and I thought it would be useful for you to see them too. Here are the communication request systems which I think are a good template for others to use:

1. WestRidge Church


2. Saddleback Church


3.  Two Rivers Church


4. Harvest

A great overview of their communication request process.


5. Crossway

Here is our communication request form.



If you want some of the back story to why Phil Bowdle at WestRidge Church updated his communications request process you can read more here ‘How to Handle Communication Requests Without Chaos’.

Here is a useful complementary post that will help you schedule your communications once you have them in. ‘3 Ways To Create A Church Communications Calendar On A Shoestring Budget.’

Your Turn

Do you have any questions about managing communications requests? Or do you have a sample you can share? Comment below.