About Me

Yeah thats me

The bald and the beautiful 😉

As of today I live in Melbourne Australia, I’m a digital strategist who loves all things digital, who loves to help folks just like you to reach more people and create more impact through social media and search engines.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer, a Creative Director, a Director, a Communications Director to one incredible church called Crossway. I started Crossway’s church online congregation in 2015 which now averages over 2,500 every week.

Up until December 2016, I lived in the most liveable city in the world – Melbourne, and yes it’s true it really is THAT liveable! My family and I moved to the United Kingdom for a year in 2017 where I served as the Executive Leader at Community Church Derby. We moved back to Melbourne at the end of 2017.

I’m now leading a Marketing team back in the workplace.

I’m a husband to one amazing woman. Dad to three life changing children.

I’m passionate about sharing with the world what I know about branding, communications, marketing and all things digital.

I want to help you communicate clearly and simply. So that you are able to tell your story in a way that connects with your audience whether you are a business or non-profit. I’m not trying to sell you anything – just trying to help where I can.

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