Wow. Who would ever thought it? Me. A blogger. 

I hope you can stick around and read my thoughts on church communications. 

I'm a creative professional with 20 years experience in the creative industry. I started out as a junior Graphic Designer eventually becoming a Creative Director and running my own business. Now I'm working for the church I love. 

The aim in creating this blog help us all become become simpler and clearer in how we communicate. We'll discover how to decide what to keep or leave out of your communication piece. We'll learn how to be clear and focussed in what we want to communicate and not get lost in the fog (forgive the pun) of multiple communication messages that so many people end up doing.

I'd especially like to hear from you – even if you have another point of view.

Phew. That went OK. No typos. No freudian slips. No double entendres.

Over and out.