Thanks to Copyblogger and Robert Green for this one.

Why is Fifty Cent helping my church (and especially me)?

He is helping me stay connected with my audience. How? By showing me that:

I need to burst my bubble – Sometimes in church I can live in a bubble that disconnects me from my audience and what they really think. I shouldn't assume that my audience gets the communication.

I need to reconnect with my audience – Do I keep the channels of communication open, alive and present so that I can present a simple truth. Am I around those I'm are trying to reach which will help us connect in my communications?

I need to be open to feedback and criticism – Do I have a trusted group around me that will also help me stay connected to those I'm are trying to reach?

Bottom line – Never lose touch with your audience. Connect. Connect. Connect.

How about you? What helps you stay connected with those you are trying to reach?

(Note: I call him "Fidy Cendt" cos I would imagine that how his name is pronounced)