In a post office on the outskirts of the holy city of Jerusalem is a man who collects the 1,000+ letters addressed to God each year and stuffs each letter in the western wall. The man works for Israeli Post Office's "Letters to God" Department.

There is something in.cred.ible. about this.

The fact that (a) there is a "Letters to God" Department. Which commericial entity nowadays ever would budget and staff a concept like this? and (b) somehow all these letters make it to the destination because Posties across the world hand on letters addressed to God which probably have nothing more than "God, Jerusalem" redirect the mail in the sorting rooms around the world.

There is such trust/faith/desperation on the part of the sendees. Such tenderness/stewardship/generosity/nobility on the part of the various posties around the world.

All this made me wonder. What would an online version look like? Could there be an online version?

One where the sendee felt like God would hear and read their petition – one where faithful people could with such tenderness/nobility/generosity somehow pass on the sendees email.

What could it look like? How would it feel? What would the site do?

Any ideas?