It had me when the first dancer started to groove.

It had me when a larger group started to dance.

It had me with the choice of music.

It had me when the crowd started to dance.

It had me even though it was obvious that it was staged.

It definately had me when the granny danced and when the guy behind the counter grooved.

It had me when the crowd dispersed.

It had me when the "life is for sharing" line came up.

It lost me when the T-mobile logo appeared.

You may say, but Steve, 17 million people saw it. Good brand recognition. True. But ad didn't connect me to the brand, or make me want to buy a T-mobile. What it did do is connect me to an incredible creative idea. Pure genius. I fell in love with the idea, rather than who was behind the idea.

It reminds me of the same creative trap churches can potentially fall into. They can do Incredibly creative, original, edgy items, but somehow people fall in love with the idea and the creativity of the idea rather than the purpose of the creative item.

What do you think? Here's the ad? Am I wrong?

Thanks to Nicole to and Michael for finding the ad.