2nd Commandment: Thy shall have a primary audience

If you knew ahead of time that you were going to die and had one last sentence to speak on this earth – who would you speak to?

You would be very clear and focussed on who that person is wouldn't you?

It is the same for churches. If our mission is clear, and the message is urgent. We will be clear on exactly who is the primary focus of our communications. Many times we only get one chance before someone switches off to what we are saying.

Having a primary audience has significant implications. It should change how you speak, write, look, on the web, on stage, on video, in print. Review every communication point and ask the question: Will my primary audience get this on the first pass?

At Crossway we've completely refreshed and redesigned our website with our primary audience in mind. Who are they? Our friends, families, co-workers, mothers groups, seniors networks that don't go to church.

Razor. Sharp. Focus. Do we get it 100% right. Probably not – but we are 100% certain who our primary audience is.

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