We live in a sound bite world whether we like it or not. 

The days of the two hour sermons are over. If you can't preach what you have to preach in thirty minutes then you've probably lost your audience.

If your organisation can't say what you have to say in a one sentence then for most people won't ever get what you've got to say.

Bill Taylor explains more at the Harvard Business Review.

In his Leadership Podcast about Communicating Vision Simply, Pastor Andy Stanley restates the same point in a slightly different way. He says that Vision needs to be portable. i.e. short enough and memorable for any environment. He says that the larger audience you are communicating to, the shorter the vision statement needs to be. 

Before I started this blog I wanted to be able to sum up the purpose of the blog. Why would I invest so much time writing (which I honestly find quite difficult). I wanted to be clear on why I would blog. I knew would be communicating to high capacity leaders who were time poor and wanted to know get to the issue fast. 

My sentence? I'll give you clear and simple tips on communications, creativity & strategy.

Pastor, Communications Director, Ministry Leader – can you explain your ministry's purpose in one sentence?

Senior Pastor – can you explain what the purpose of your church is in one sentence?

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