This is a great example of a powerful and compelling story.

Any church communicator can do this. Seriously. You can. It's easy. That was just a simple slideshow with some audio over the top. Not hard. What is more difficult is getting the story and telling it.

Okay, you've got the story. Here are four simple steps to help you tell it more effectively:

1) It's all about the [person's] story. It's not about how you edit it, film it, produce it. Live, audio or video. It doesn't matter. It can be simple or highly produced. What matters is the story. Watch this example. Slide show and voice over. Simple. Yet you are drawn. Check out Mary's story. More production values here. Her story still sends shivers down my spine to this day.

2) Keep it story simple and in chronological order [if needed]. Unless you are a Hollywood director you probably won't have the ability to mix up the order of the story. Keep the narrative of the story simple and in chronological order. Let the story do the talking and be the focus. Not your 'edgy' editing

3) Get feedback before you do anything. Share the story before you start with others who you trust and respect. See if it is compelling for them. Once you have produced the story in the finished form, play it to them again. Ask them what they think. Honestly. Act on that feedback. Then replay it to them.

4) Put yourself in the moment. It's not how you see the story is told that matters. It's how other receive it that counts.

Imagine being in the environment where it's being played. How does it feel? What works? what doesn't work? What is happening immediately preceeding the story and after the story in the environment the story is being told in? Does that affect it in any way?

Do you have any storytelling tips?

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