PR Tip #2 For Your Ministry & Church:

Good Deeds Are Newsworthy

95% of the stories that I get in the press for my church are stories about our people doing something good in the community. Some examples of stories are:

1) Our Asian Congregation raised over $10,000 for the Chinese Earthquake.

2) Each Christmas our main English congregation regularly gives around $220,000 to help the poorest of the poor in a nominated country. (I am personally blown away by the generosity of my church.)

3) Our young adults have been in the news because of the great work they do with Red Frogs that ministers to school leavers who party at the end of the school year at 'schoolies week'.

4) Our Senior Pastors induction ran on page 6 of The Age Newspaper which is the major metro broadsheet newspaper in Victoria. A pretty boring story from a state news point of view, but the interesting angle we ran with got the story up.

5) Each Christmas we pack up over 400 Christmas hampers for those in our community who are less fortunate.

There is more stories from where that came from. But you get the point.

What good deeds is your church doing out there in the community? Chances are there is a story there. 

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