Communication Commandment No. 8: Thou Shalt Know Thyself.

A few years ago I made a really silly mistake. Well, it was probably more like a stupid mistake.


I decided to try and fix a broken water pipe under our house and chose to opt-out of seeking professional assistance. At least initially.


To say the least, it didn’t turn out too well. What in the world was I thinking?


What male-dominated testosterone-laden blackout convinced me to think for even 5 seconds that I could do this—especially in near freezing temperatures?


I’m not sure, but whatever it was, it clouded good, sound judgment.


Thankfully, I was smart enough (surprised aren’t you?) to wear my crystal clear super-duper optically enhanced protective eyewear. God knows I really, really needed it.


While tightly gripping the pipe and staring eye-level directly at the small leak, it exploded in my face and became like a pressurized miniature fire hose. Water went everywhere and I screamed like a girl. Ok, I admit it. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m guilty. I was drenched, cold and somewhat panicky. Something had to be done, and fast.


Fortunately, we were able (yes, I actually convinced my wife and children that this repair attempt was a great idea) to patch things together enough to get us by until the pros could arrive.


This passionate attempt definitely convinced me that my plumbing skills are limited. It also convinced my wife. She’s now become quite adept at plumbing repairs. 😉


It’s not uncommon for ministry leaders to make similar mistakes.


They often get into things that don’t really fit them. They sometimes react impulsively rather than considering whether or not their personality, style and gifts are a good match for whatever is wooing them. Sure, their motives are good, but their judgment can be clouded.


So, the big takeaway is simple. Know yourself really, really well.


It may just keep you out of a ton of trouble.


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 Today’s post was written by Kerry Bural, the principal of The Resonate Group, a ministry and church strategic brand consulting and development firm. Kerry blogs at Ministry Marketing Coach. You can follow him @KerryBural.